Teachers ‘present’ every day, they are incredible assets! They are masters at presenting engaging content and experienced teachers can offer invaluable insight into presenting a message effectively.  Teachers have experience presenting to a wide range of audiences, from small children to teens to adults. Presenting to professionals is really not that different.  

So how can a teacher help you? 

  1. They understand how people learn, which is critical when planning a presentation. They know how to tailor their message to their audience, how to structure their content for easy understanding, how to add meaningful visuals, and how to bring it all together in an engaging package. 
  2. Do you want feedback or advice? Teachers are skilled at offering feedback and advice. They can offer you suggestions for improvement, offer alternate ideas, and even refine your delivery. Teachers are masters at breaking down content into understandable bite-sized chunks. 
  3. They can help you see questions and challenges that you may not have prepared for.  Oftentimes, when a teacher constructs a lesson, they will ask for another set of eyes to preview it. This is an excellent way to prepare for unforeseen questions, challenges, and problems.  By working with a teacher, you can gain insights into how to anticipate these issues, how to prepare for them, and how to respond to them confidently.

If you have any uncertainties within your presentation, bring them to a teacher. They can set you on a successful course with a high chance of effective outcomes. This is what they do, and they would want the same for you. They have a deep understanding of how people learn, can provide indispensable feedback, have experience presenting, and can help you prepare for questions and challenges. By working with a teacher, you will gain valuable insights to help you create a presentation that is engaging, effective, and delivers your message with impact.