Greetings, I’m Jocelyn!

I am a presentation designer and graphic and branding designer based in Buffalo, New York.

I can create a beautifully branded pitch deck, craft a presentation from scratch, or even craft a branded presentation template for you.

I can also design logos and visual branding identities for your  business assets, presentations, and websites.

Let’s work together!

Presentation Portfolio


I needed help reworking a Pitch Deck for a client. Their Deck was a bit difficult to read as the data and information did not have the best flow. Additionally, the color choices were not aesthetically pleasing and matching the branding and soothing elements of the product.

Jocelyn did a fabulous job moving around some information to create effective overall flow and she made the colors uniform and appropriate.
The Deck became easy and  pleasurable to read. 

With this project Jocelyn had impressively fast turnaround time! She does great work and I highly recommend her.
Salvatore Baldassano

Capital Intermediary and Financial Trader, Five28Holdings

Jocelyn is one of the most creative artists I have ever worked with. She helped me completely rebrand my business by creating a unique, gorgeous and eye-catching logo, along with all of the necessary assets. She is easy to work with and understood exactly what I was looking for, even when I didn’t quite know! The turnaround time is always very reasonable, she has great communication skills, and all of the projects hit the mark.

I would highly recommend working with Jocelyn. She’s very professional, efficient and talented!

Five stars simply are not enough for Jocelyn!

Mary Friona-Celani

Creator and Owner, Totally Buffalo Blog and Totally Buffalo Store

Jocelyn has been creative, insightful, and responsive! We love her bold design choices and her ability to bring our brand to life. She was easy to communicate with and implemented all our feedback so that we got even more than what we expected.

Scott Sanders

Managing Partner, Bentley Jacobs Executive Recruiting


How long does a typical project take?

A typical project takes 5-7 days to complete. Faster timelines may be possible. Feel free to reach out to discuss current project estimates.

What if I am in a BIG hurry?

Depending on my calendar and bookings, I may have room for rush projects. Please feel free to reach out if you need a project expedited to see if I have availability. An additional charge of $200 applies to rush projects.

In what format should I send you my content?

You are welcome to send your content in slides or outline format. If you have a specific vision for a particular slide, or for the overall look, please include an inspirational graphic or slide(s), logos, color palettes, photos, etc – any visual asset that helps me see your vision. This will help maximize efficiency and reduce turnaround time.

What else do you need from me to get started?

If you have a high-resolution version of your logo in PNG, EPS, or AI format, please send it along with any style guides you may have for your brand. If you do not have a style guide, I can follow your website style to ensure the consistency of your brand.

What if I don’t have a style guide?

If you do not have a style guide, I can follow your website style to ensure the consistency of your brand. If you do not have a website or it does not currently reflect the direction you’d like to go, I would love to create an inspiration packet of designs or examples you may have or like, we can do this in a google doc.. Otherwise, we can work together to  conceptualize a design that represents your brand.

How do you source photos? Are those an additional charge?

I use and other open source royalty free photos.  If you have a licensed photo you’d like me to incorporate, we can do that.  

What if I’m not happy with the final product?

We will begin the project with a creative direction, which is 2-3 designed slides, to ensure that I am the right designer for your project and that we efficiently get to a presentation that matches your expectations. If I am unable to create a design that you like during that process, you will not be charged.
If there are a few slides that need additional revisions at the end of the project, I am happy to provide those to ensure you love the final product.

Will I be able to edit the final presentation?

Of course!  All text is created in Powerpoint and you can make easy edits.  If I create an icon or visual element in Photoshop, that would be a fixed item.  However, if any of those elements are not working, I will happily make edits for you.  

How will we coordinate and communicate during a project?

I can communicate with you in whichever fashion you prefer. Most of my clients prefer email, but I am happy to collaborate with you in Google Drive or any other platform that is in your workflow.

the process


We will schedule a brief phone call and discuss communication goals, visual branding, and project timeline making sure we are on the same page. 


I will send you a few slides for your review to be sure I am capturing your vision. Together with your feedeback we will fine tune the vision for the project. 


After I make adjustments, we will connect  again for a final approval, then I will complete the project. I am happy to make 1-2 edits until we get it exactly as you like.


Get in touch to book your next project.